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Loss and Life

We often find ourselves overwhelmed with the losses we experience in life. We experience so many variations of loss, yet we seldom take the necessary time to mourn. We have been inundated with the notion of "moving on" or "getting over it." Unfortunately this is not how our emotions operate. Loss comes in many different shapes and sizes. Loss can be a major change, the end of a relationship, loss of job, loss of home, death of a loved one, and yes moms even your little baby growing up. Well, what do we do with this loss? We typically bury it under the guise of "out of sight out of mind." How effective is that? It isn't all actually. Let me offer some encouragement and insight. It's totally acceptable to acknowledge your sadness. Breathe in it, rest in it, and let it be. Sadness will pass in time. Take things moment by moment.